How do you pursue a Career in Factory Management?

  Keywords:  Factory Management, Atul Kumar, Titan Company Ltd, Group Manager, Factory Manager, Supervisor, Management, Staff Manager, Production Management, Manufacturing, Career, Career Objective, Career Counseling, Career Planning, Career Options, Career List How do you pursue a Career in  Factory Management ? LifePage – shows  what is the meaning of Career Counselling? Factory Management I am very curious about a Career in Factory Management. For me understanding Why I want to choose a Career in Factory Management is phenomenally more important than figuring out How to get into Factory Management. It had been a while since I was researching about a  Career in Factory Management , when I came across: Atul Kumar 's take! Atul Kumar has 32 years & 3 months of professional experience in Factory Management. Atul Kumar has worked in Factory Management as Group Manager, North India in Titan Company Ltd.. In Atul Kumar's own wo